Vegetables vs Picky Eaters

Recently I wrote about my family’s favorite tortellini soup.  You might have wondered does my picky eater enjoy that soup with so many vegetables?  Well, he picks out the veggies he doesn’t like.  And for that meal, he picked out the zucchini, spinach and some of the onions.  But he did eat the tomatoes & carrots.  I consider that a victory!  A few years ago, he might have only eaten the broth and tortellini.  You see, over time he has been encouraged to ‘taste’ the vegetables on his plate.  And little by (very) little, progress is being made.  I often adapt my recipes to include vegetables he prefers so that not every meal has to be censored.  That list now stands as:  cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, carrots, broccoli (sometimes) and green beans. 

It can take up to 10 exposures to a new food for a child to accept it.  Also, taste and texture preferences change with age.  So, be patient with your picky eater and keep trying!

I hope you find encouragement and enjoy these pictures.  They are from a time when he was asked to taste the veggies on his plate:  a piece of broccoli.  He obviously didn’t have a taste for broccoli that night and unknown to me, asked his older sister to take these pictures.  I found them a few days later on my cell phone.  All I could do was laugh and remind myself…we are making progress!! 


4 responses

  1. These pictures absolutely made me laugh out loud! I bet Cody enjoyed the broccoli!
    When I was little I used to feed my dog every night under the table. My Mom said “I know why Buffy sits by you at meal time!”

  2. Sean said the tortellini soup was “souper”! Thanks for sharing a quick and yummy recipe. I use Trader Joe’s “Mirepoix” mix (onion, celery & carrots chopped) as a starter for the soup. It’s found in their fresh vegetable aisle and is awesome when short on time. We loved the broccoli pictures!

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