Cutting through the Confusion

Late last night I stumbled upon an article on entitled, “Is Fruit Bad for You?”.  My response is a resounding NO!! OF COURSE NOT!!  It is articles like these that add to the confusion about what to feed our kids.  With myplate2yours, I hope to reinforce the basics of a healthy diet:  lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and dairy.  Here is my response:  Hi! I am a registered dietitian and I’d like your readers to know that FRUIT is NOT BAD for you!  Fruits are high in fiber and rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant-containing phytochemicals.  Based on a review of 200 epidemiological studies, a 50 percent lower cancer risk was found in people who consumed diets high in fruits and vegetables.  According to the new MyPlate recommendations issued this past June by the USDA, half of the food we eat on our plates everyday should be fruits and vegetables.  Please see for more information. 

(See  for full article.)


One response

  1. I love it Lynn… you HAVE to get out your megaphone to clear up the confusion about what to do, what not to do… especially when you can influence your sphere that know and trust you. That is the key… considering the source as trustworthy; not that it was HalogenTV per se, but more, where did the content come from. Way to go!

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