Dodging Holiday Weight Gain

It’s true.  Most of us will gain a pound or two during the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  What can we do about it?  Here are a few strategies that work:

1.  Continue workouts during this season.  Not only do they help burn extra calories, but they help reduce the stress of the season.

2.  Eat before going to a party.  Even a small snack like cheese & whole grain crackers or hummus & veggies helps prevent overeating later.

3.   Alternate alcoholic beverages with non-alcoholic, non-caloric ones.  For example, enjoy a glass of wine and then a glass of sparkling water before considering a second glass of wine.

4.  Enjoy the sweets and treats of the season by choosing wisely and with moderation.  Go for the favorites that are found only this time of year and find ways to compensate for the extra calories.  Is it cutting out the typical afternoon snack?  Or serving a slightly smaller portion at the next meal? 

5.   Remember to model MyPlate when eating:  half of the plate is fruits and vegetables and half of the grains are whole.

Let’s enter 2012 with the same weight we are today!


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