Best of 2011

This ‘best of’ list is from 3 months of blogging.  My first post on Myplate2yours was September 30, 2011.  Since then, there have been 32 posts.  Here are the top 3 posts of 2011.  And if you haven’t had a chance to try any of these dishes, follow the link to get the recipe. 

#1  Greek Style Hummus

I was told by a loyal follower that this appetizer showed up in duplicate this holiday season when two Myplate2yours followers brought this dish to the same party.  They were both surprised but the guests were thrilled and enjoyed the flavor and nutrition in this popular appetizer.

#2  Everybody Loves Tortellini Soup

During a school book fair this past fall, I was told by two followers that they were both making the same dinner that night…Myplate2yours Tortellini Soup.  This is a quick recipe for busy nights and something the whole family enjoys.

#3  Salmon Pesto Pasta

It may have taken some faith to try a salmon dish for some, but Myplate2yours has received great feedback on this recipe.  But it did keep one Myplate2yours follower from admitting to her 7-year old son that there is actually salmon in this ‘yummy’ pasta.  

It’s been a great year (well, 3 months!).  Myplate2yours boasts 163 followers, more than 3000 views, and lots of fun feedback.   Although these stats are very small in the social media world, they are very important to me.  My hope is that the news about Myplate2yours:  Nutrition and Health for Active People will spread.  Please let your friends know about  The purpose of this blog is to enable families to make the best choices for a healthy lifestyle.  It’s exciting to see the positive impact already made by Myplate2yours.  Any success acheived is a step in the right direction…and a reason to celebrate!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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