Quick Ways to Color your Diet

With this week’s introduction of the Rainbow Diet, I thought it timely to share a few veggies we always keep in our fridge.  These will easily add nutrition to your diet:

Shredded carrots (made in a food processor and stored in the fridge or bought ready-made)- when making a salad, wrap, stir fry or taco, these shredded carrots are a quick add.

Broccoli slaw (found in a grocer’s salad section)-a crunchy and nutty addition to salads and wraps or on its own with a light dressing as a yummy side.

Baby spinach– these tender leaves are easy to add to any salad, sandwich, or wrap; and quick to cook in a stir fry, soup, taco, or egg dish.

Bell peppers; yellow, red, orange or green- these are great to munch on at snack time and always ready for any stir fry or salad.

Sugar snap peas– sliced for salads, steamed for a side, or ‘as is’ for snack time…no one can resist their crunchy sweetness.

With the right ingredients in your fridge, you can make a significant nutritional impact on your diet.  Go for color!


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