Slow Cooker Savvy


Throughout the winter, I’ve promised to provide easy and nutritious slow cooker meals.  I’ll post these on Sunday to give you a chance to plan on when to make it during the week.  To guarantee success with these recipes, here are a few tips I found in a Pillsbury “Best Slow Cooker Recipes” booklet:

Size it up:  Slow cookers vary by size.  Make sure yours is filled between half to two-thirds.  Cooking times do vary depending on the size of the slow cooker.  The larger ones (6-quarts and higher) may require less cooking time than the smaller ones (3-quarts or less).  The recipes I post serve up to 6 people and require at least a 6-quart size. 

Keep it covered:  Try to resist peeking at your cooker’s contents.  Each time the cover is removed, a significant amount of heat is lost.  It can result in an increase in cook time by 20-30 minutes.

No fat needed:  Slow cooking works with moist heat and doesn’t require fat for a tender finish.  Go ahead and trim extra fat from meat and the skin from poultry before cooking. 

Be uniform:  It is best to cut the meat and vegetable peices into about the same size.   This will ensure even cooking.

Layer well:  Most recipes specify layering the ingredients.  Stirring is not necessary unless it is specifically called for.

Put these tips to work with all four of my archived Slow Cooker recipes and with the upcoming Slow Cooker Sunday recipes this winter.  Enjoy!


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