A Japanese Adventure

It all began when my friend Naomi invited my daughter Becca and me to a Japanese market during Winter Break.  Our adventure started as we ate sushi and noodle soup in the food court.  Then onto shopping which included the produce section for bok choy which inspired Color it Green: B0k Choy.   

Later that week, Becca and I tried making sushi on our own.   That required another visit to a different Japanese market (the advantages of living in a large metropolitan area) for a bamboo sushi mat, nori (seaweed sheets) and wasabi paste.  We watched a YouTube video on sushi making.  The rolls were made of smoked salmon, avocado, and cucumber.  My biggest mistake was that at first I tried using American brown rice.  It failed miserably because it wasn’t at all sticky.  Becca saved dinner by picking up steamed rice at a Chinese take out.  It worked!  They were delicious!!

But the best part of this Japanese Adventure was getting real sushi lessons from Naomi’s mother, Sadie.  One day last week we made futomaki, California rolls, and (my favorite)  tekka maki.  

Although sushi is very much a MyPlate meal (meaning it meets the recommendations of USDA’s MyPlate) none of these are quick recipes (unless there are many of you rolling simultaneously and all the ingredients are precooked and prepared ahead of time).  But what fun it was to explore and experience food from a culture different from mine.  Do you have a food adventure you would like to share?  Please tell me about it!!


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