Fruit Smoothies!

This month I’ve started the New Year with an emphasis on adding color to your diet with fruits and vegetables.  Smoothies made with a colorful variety of fruit (and even vegetables) are another easy and tasty way to get the extra nutrients and antioxidants available from these foods.  Smoothies can also provide protein when made with ingredients like yogurt, milk, soymilk, and nut butters (e.g., almond and peanut).  

Smoothies are delicious for breakfast or snack time.  They are also great for pre-game when time is tight.  Just yesterday, my son’s 7th grade basketball team enjoyed smoothies before their season finale double-header. 

 The smoothies were a hit!

The team enjoyed smoothies from a Dannon Fruit Smoothie recipe:

Pick one or two juices:  Orange, Pineapple, Mango, Apple

Pick one or two fruits:  Peaches, Blueberries, Strawberries, Banana

Follow these steps:  1 cup low fat yogurt (plain, flavored or fruited), 1/2 cup juice (or skim milk), 1/2 cup diced fruit (fresh, canned, or frozen), 1/2 cup ice cubes (or less if frozen fruit is used).  Blend together on ‘High’ for 1 minute until smooth.  Pour into a tall glass, add a straw and ENJOY!!

Do you have a favorite smoothie recipe?  Please share it!


2 responses

  1. I love smoothies and these look yummy! One thing I have learned with smoothies is that it is important to add pineapple in every fruit smoothie. It adds a huge zip to the taste. I really notice the difference when I don’t put the pineapple in it. I usually get frozen pineapple at Trader Joe’s. Love all your posts Lynn! Such great ideas!!! And, HEALTHY!

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