Live Life Well Week 2012

Here in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and throughout District 87 (Glenbard High Schools North, South, East and West) we are celebrating Live Life Well Week.  During this week, healthy lifestyles are promoted and celebrated.  New this year is the Glenbard Healthy Cooking Challenge.  I am a member of the D87 Wellness Committee, and we have partnered district-wide with the culinary arts classes to host the first-ever Healthy Cooking Challenge.  Following the USDA’s MyPlate nutrition guidelines, a competition was held in each school to develop tasty, healthy pasta and/or salad dishes.  The judges- comprised of members of the Wellness Committee, school administrators and staff- chose the two winning recipes at each school.  These recipes will be prepared by the students and served in their school cafeterias this week for all to vote on and enjoy. 

This challenge was absolutely amazing!  The students did a fantastic job translating MyPlate guidelines into delicious recipes.  There were so many moments that I was overwhelmed with emotion…watching how the students worked hard to understand the guidelines and, in turn, successfully made them a reality on their dinner plates. 

We are a nation plagued with obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes…and diet has an important role in each.  Every step we make in the direction of health must be celebrated.  And, it should motivate all of us to work within our own families and communities to do the very same!


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