Breakfast on the Run

Breakfast, don’t leave home without it!  I recommend eating from at least three food groups in the morning:  fruit, dairy or lean protein, and whole grain.  Here is the promised list of five make-and-go breakfasts for you to try:

#1 Toasted whole grain waffle with natural peanut butter, banana

#2 Individual fat-free or low-fat vanilla/plain yogurt, granola cereal, fresh berries (or raisins) – mix before eating

#3 Trail mix: whole grain breakfast cereal (Life, Wheat Chex, Oatmeal Squares, Cracklin Oat Bran), dried cranberries, almonds

#4 Single serving fat-free or low-fat cottage cheese, single serving canned peaches (packed in juice), toasted whole wheat English muffin

#5 Cubed cheddar cheese, apple slices with cinnamon/sugar, whole grain toast

My beverage of choice is fat-free or low-fat milk (available in aseptic packaging to-go) or 100% fruit juice.  Soy milk that is fortified with calcium is another good option.

My hope is that Myplate2yours followers eat their breakfast!  Please reply and tell me your favorite breakfast!


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