Weekend Wisdom: Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is this Sunday, April 22.   Let’s celebrate by considering how we can make our kitchens greener:

Lighting:  Compact fluorescent bulbs use ¼ of the energy of typical incandescent bulbs.  Their price tag is higher but they last 10 times longer.

Water:  Save this precious resource by not running the faucet when rinsing dishes

Packaging:  Styrofoam is known to last in landfills for hundreds of years.  Eggs can be bought in cardboard containers to avoid Styrofoam packaging.  Also, glass, plastic, cans, and paper can all be recycled.

Shopping:  Support local growers and producers of food and products.  Buying local reduces travel, and, in turn, reduces greenhouse gases.

Bags:  Make it a habit to carry cloth shopping bags instead using of plastic or paper (remember to recycle the paper and plastic bags, if used).  Also, decline a bag for smaller items you can carry.

Cleaning:  Use rags or towels for cleaning instead of paper towels.  Consider using cloth napkins to clean our faces instead of paper.

Food storage:  Use glass or plastic re-usable containers to store food.  Use biodegradable waxed paper, when possible, instead of plastic wrap and foil.

Earth Day is a great reminder to reduce, reuse, and recycle every day.  This list is certainly not exhaustive.  Please share how you ‘go green’ in your home or kitchen.  By doing our part, we can contribute to a greener world!


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  1. I try & not waste food. We always use dinner left overs for lunch the next day. I also keep 2 containers in the freezer. In one I put little bits of vegetables that I use when I make soup. In the other I put fruit that would be good in a smoothie (strawberries, bananas, mangos, etc.) I used to throw these away, but now am able to waste less in my kitchen!

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