Greek Yogurt

In the past few months, I have used Greek yogurt in several recipes.  Creamy Shrimp Dip, Smoked Salmon and Cucumber Canapes, and Barley Apple Bake are just a few.  I like Greek yogurt for it’s creamy texture and protein content.  Greek yogurt has about twice the protein of regular yogurt.  It is also more expensive.  Both of these facts are due to the extra straining required when making the yogurt.  All yogurt starts when milk and a bacteria culture are combined.  Then, the yogurt is strained.  But in Greek yogurt, it is strained several times, requires more milk to produce, and results in a very creamy, protein-rich product.  You’ll find 15-20 grams of protein in a serving of Greek yogurt compared to about 9 grams in regular yogurt.  Like any yogurt, Greek yogurt comes in non-fat, low-fat and whole milk varieties.  Of course, I recommend the non- and low-fat versions.  Also, all yogurts can have added cream and sugar, so choose wisely.  My family and I enjoy plain non-fat Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream in any recipe for a great flavor with less fat and more protein.  We also enjoy fruited non-fat Greek yogurt for breakfast and often top it with a whole grain cereal (like Grape Nuts, Fiber One, or granola).  How do you like your Greek yogurt?


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