Eating Well Away from Home

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It’s Spring Break for many around the country and the summer travel season is just around the corner.  While you are on vacation, you don’t have to give up healthy eating.  Here are a few tips- that we all  know but are good reminders- to help us eat healthy when we are on the road:

Bring healthy snacks:  In a cooler, pack plenty of water, fresh fruit, single serving yogurts and cheese sticks.  Snacks without refrigeration include whole grain crackers, trail mix, dried fruit, nuts, and bananas (these items are available at convenience stores while traveling).  Also available in many grocery stores are hummus and peanut butter packed ‘to-go’ in individual containers.

When eating meals at restaurants:  Share entrees.  Pick menu items that are broiled, grilled, and baked (instead of fried).  Ask for a side salad, fresh fruit, or vegetable side.  And it’a always a good habit to ask for salad dressing ‘on the side’.

Best choices for hotel breakfast buffets include:   Hot cereals (oatmeal is my personal favorite) or cold cereals with fruit and skim milk or yogurt.  Or whole wheat English muffins, bagels or toast with a hard boiled/scrambled egg or vegetable omelet.

Fast food strategies:  Try grilled sandwiches, wraps, or salads and opt for a light dressing.  If you enjoy fries, order small.  Choose water, milk, or juice instead of soda.

Please share any of your own healthy eating strategies.  We can learn from each other!

Enjoy your trip!!


4 responses

  1. Good and helpful post! A weird food item that worked for us on long car trips: a head of cauliflower! We broke off flowerets as we drove along, and the crunch, crunch, crunch killed time (without adding fat or calories) during long stretches on flat highways.


  2. Thanks for all the tips! I always enjoy finding nutritious snacks that don’t require refrigeration. My recent favorites include freeze-dried blueberries and baked apple chips

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