Summer Culinary Camps

summer camp

There are just a few weeks of school remaining. And many college students are home already. This year is certainly flying by!

As the summer calendar begins to take shape, consider a culinary camp for your kids, both big and small. For the younger ones, ages 6-8, I am teaching two camps at Marcels in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. (for big kids, scroll down to the August 7th date!).  The first little kid camp is a 3-day camp, June 25-27, Summer Time Fun, you can sign up for all three or a single day. In August, the 18-19th, I have a two day camp, Farm to Plate. The descriptions and a link to register are below.

June 25-27th, 2:00-3:30pm, Summer Time Fun, Hands on, ages 6-8

Summertime: the sun, the fun, the heat, and the treats! What’s better than a picnic in the park, a day at the zoo, or lunch at the beach? These three days of camp zero in on the best adventures summer has to offer and the food that’s as much fun to make as it is to eat!  $100 for 3 days or $35 per day.  Register here!

Day 1- Picnic in the Park: Mini Turkey Burgers (a.k.a. Sliders) with all the Fixin’s, Picnic Potato Salad, Bite-Size Cherry Cheesecakes

Day 2- A Trip to the Zoo: Crocodile Smoothies with Green Apples, Banana Nut Monkey ‘Crepes’, Party Penguin Snacks

Day 3- A Day at the Beach: Walking Tacos with Fresh Toppings, Afternoon Trail Mix, Raspberry Coolers

August 18-19, Noon-1:30pm, Farm to Plate, Hands on, Ages 6-8

We are exploring where our food comes from, how it makes the journey from the farm to our plate, and make delicious farm fresh treats. Our menus will feature summer’s best peaches, corn, tomatoes, milk, and zucchini. On the menu: Day One: Chocolate Banana Smoothie, Mini Zucchini Bread, Cheese & Grape Skewers Day Two: Minty Peach & Melon Ball Salad, Corn & Bean Cheese Quesadillas with Summer Tomato Salsa, Fruity Yogurt Dippin’ Dots.  $65  Register here!

On August 7th for the big kids (college age), I am teaching a special class to help with the transition from home to cooking on their own. Here is the description and link to register:

Cooking for College Students, Hands on, 6:30-8:30pm

This class is the beginner’s guide no college student should leave home without! Learn to make amazing, budget friendly healthy meals that trump dorm food any night of the week. Whether you are buying groceries, learning to use a knife or even hosting your very first dinner party, this class will walk you through the entire cooking process, one step at a time. Make college cooking life easier and more affordable while learning tips and techniques that you will be able to use for the rest of your life! Participants will get instruction on how to make 10 main dishes with 15 primary ingredients. Four of these dishes will actually be made in the class; the recipe packets will include all 10. On the menu: Bean & Rice Burrito Bowl, Chicken Chipotle Pasta, Easy Egg Tacos, Cheddar Chicken and Potato Packets.  $50  Register here!

There are also classes for moms & dads too!  All of my summer classes are updated here.  I do hope I can cook with you and your kids (big and little) this summer!



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